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Keeping it Clear

The world of graphic design has evolved, decade after decade. It has gone through numerous stages, all with unique twists and usage of colors, shapes and typefaces. But one thing that has always remained true is how design must be used to clearly communicate a desired message. Without a clear message, what's the point?

Most of us don't realize how every little detail communicates something to the viewer. Breaking it down to the most basic level, take colors for example. Red can excite or cause a feeling of urgency. Blue can calm the nerves. When considering typefaces or fonts, those evoke feelings too. Think of a big, bold font portraying strength. Or type that looks like smooth cursive handwriting that produces a feeling of elegance or grace.

Colors and fonts are just two elements in a long list of design factors, and each factor in that long list must be considered when creating a piece as a whole. Serious Solutions wants to communicate your message, whether it's on a printed postcard, through a website banner, or with a newly updated logo. Every element is important, but clarity is key... and we take that seriously.

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