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Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is relative. Have you ever noticed that? One person likes blue. Another likes red. One person prefers stripes, while their neighbor wears plaid every day. One gardener loves daisies, while everybody else on the block loves lilacs. People are as individual and unique as they come, and that goes for interests, tastes, opinions, and yes, the perception of beauty.

In the design world, it can be hard to please everyone. Actually, it's impossible to please everyone, and that can be one of the hardest aspects of a designer's job. How do you decide what is "right" versus what a client likes? How do you decide what shapes and colors look best when a client has a completely different kind of creativity? It's all about balancing on very fine lines.

Here at Serious Solutions, we've been trained to know design "rules" as far as what looks good and what doesn't. We've got eyes that can spot problem areas, and skills to fix them. We recognize strengths and downfalls of certain font choices, alignment or graphics. But our first priority is making you happy. We may think a particular color palette would look best for your organization, and we'll make our recommendation along with clear explanation of reasoning. But if you like the puke green and tangerine from the 70's, then that's what we'll go with.

In spite of all design "rules," beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. And if we can help you achieve your goals with a piece that attracts the attention of your audience, then we have succeeded.

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