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Design Wars

While graphic designers today enjoy ever-evolving, super cool technology, it has also become an enemy. With the rise in online conveniences, designers are faced with competition like never before. We’ve heard it more than once: “I could do it cheaper by myself through VistaPrint.” We’re going to pick on VistaPrint because 1) we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of them, and 2) we like them! VistaPrint - and other companies like them - have a lot to offer. They have quality services, including, but not limited to, the printing of an array of items, along with design services. Anyone can make their own business cards, notepads, brochures and more. If they don’t have a logo, they can pay to have one made, then slap it on a template, and viola! Now they look contemporary and professional. We’re not poking fun - some folks can come up with some pretty good looking designs by using VistaPrint’s templates. But those “some” are not the majority. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to know what looks good. But you do have to have an eye. You have to have the natural artistic ability to see colors and balance, and know what fonts not to use and what margins are appropriate. Otherwise, those cool business cards are only going to look cool to one person - the creator. If you don’t have an eye, or understand what looks good to the masses, then that’s where the need for a professional designer comes into play. Templates are great, but only for those who know how to make them look unique. But what about the personalized services, like logo creation? “They’re so much cheaper than hiring designers like you.” Sometimes that’s true. Sometimes not. But in our line of work, oftentimes the bottom line is the actual depth of service. Places like VistaPrint may be friendly. But there’s a reason they’re cheaper. Customization is huge. VistaPrint may use that word - a lot - but there’s a limit to how far they will go. They’ll give you a few options, let you pick one, allow you three revisions if necessary, and then provide you with three file types that you may or may not know how to utilize properly for your project(s). Places like us, Serious Solutions, customize as far as the client wants. In other words, we get to know you, your company/ministry, your needs, your tastes, and your goals. We strive to understand the project as a whole, not just one small piece of it (aka: business cards). Six months later if you decide you want something green instead of blue, we do it for you. If you decide you want your logo adjusted to meet a new need, we’ll do that too. We’ll also advise you if we understand a reason to do or not do something. We provide all the file types you need, and explain how to use them. We’re available for you to call and ask questions. We’ll teach you how to put your logo on anything from letterhead to Facebook memes. It’s not just about the logo creation. It’s about the service as a whole. Places like VistaPrint are great. Even we have utilized them as a printing service (after we’ve created a complete design to upload) because they have some great printing deals. It’s unfortunate, though, they they are also replacing design companies like Serious Solutions, and even freelance designers. Cheaper? Sometimes. But you also get what you pay for. Just like you might support your local small business owners, support graphic designers, too. And if you pick Serious Solutions, we price our work fairly. We understand what it is to work on a ministry budget, and we’re willing to work with you.

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